Michelle Keokhiokham

Michelle is our administrative assistant. Prior to her current position, she worked as an encouraging, funny, and supportive personal care attendant (PCA). Her hobbies include baking delicious goodies, dancing and discovering new foods. She loves spending time with animals, observing nature, and watching the sunrise and sunset. Traveling and helping others is her passion. She envisions herself becoming a travel nurse to enjoy the best of both worlds.
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Facilities Nyota works with

Facilities We Work With

If during a home visit, we identify your foot condition requires a higher level of care and immediate attention we will coordinate a transfer to the nearest hospital for evaluation and treatment.
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Podiatrists We Work With

When care is not safe to be delivered at home. We can refer you to trusted podiatrist for initial consultation and follow up visits.
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Kelly Ramirez Nyota Spanish Translator

Kelly Ramirez

Kelly is our independent Spanish interpreter. In her role, she will provide interpretation via in-home and telephonic visits for our Spanish speaking patients. Kelly has 20 + years of interpreting Spanish and working with several non-profit organizations. She also does outreach work in the Spanish community.
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