More Than a Pedicure

A podiatric provider will meet with you and conduct an ankle and foot examination, provide healthcare counseling about your foot health, review your medications, and perform foot care.

Typical Visit Includes

  • Discussing your most pressing concern, goals of care, medication history, medical history, current active problems, current Primary care provider and contact information.
  • Examine your foot: Dermatology assessment: Inspection of your skin. Musculoskeletal assessment: Observe gait for able body patients. For non-ambulatory patients will observe if foot is properly supported on the bed or wheelchair to prevent skin breakdown. Feel and palpate the joints and bones of the foot. Neurological assessment to include 10-g monofilament testing, vibratory sensation using 128hz tuning fork. Vascular assessment: Palpate foot pulses and perform Doppler or ABI testing if indicated. 
  • Trim, debride, cut toenails or trim calluses or corns.
  • Apply emollients that are provided by the patient.
  • Individualized health education and coaching is discussed with patient, family members or caregivers.
  • Progress (visit) note is sent to PCP 

As part of your foot health plan, our podiatric provider will refer you to specialists for higher level of care in the event your assessment reveals concerning findings. Common specialists that we refer to include: vascular surgeon, dermatologist, wound clinic and/or podiatrist for in office procedures/surgical consultations. 

Typical Visit with Nyota Medical Footcare includes

Podiatric Services

  • Annual Diabetic Foot Assessment
  • Routine Diabetic Foot care
  • Trimming of Non-Dystrophic (Normal Appearing) Toenails
  • Trimming of Dystrophic (Thickened) Toenails
  • Callus and Corn Removal
  • Toenail Fungal Evaluation
  • Wart Evaluation

Non-Podiatric Services

Cerumen Removal

Services And Products Cerumen Removal

Cerumen is the technical term for wax. It is found in the external ear canal and serves as a protective layer to prevent infection and entry of foreign bodies.

The loss of ones hearing when you become an older adult can significantly impact one’s self-confidence and ability to communicate with those around them. To help maintain their independence and ability to communicate with loved ones, it is helpful to have a medical provider remove the cerumen every 2-3 months. Vary rarely does someone need to be seen monthly. If this is the case, give us a call to have a discussion on how to best treat your condition.   

Cerumen will be removed by either irrigation using normal saline into the canal or manual removal of cerumen with a curette (this should only be done by medical provider). During your home visit we will determine the best treatment that suits you.

Trim Fingernails

Occasionally a patient may have fungal, thickened fingernails and have great difficulty trimming the nails due to nail’s thickness. If this is the case our medical provider will be happy to trim the fingernails during your foot care visit. 

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